Perhaps everyone around you thinks you have it all together. Maybe you’re doing it all and managing a smile in the process. But, on the inside, is it chaos? Perhaps you landed here because you’re not just managing to do lists, but fighting that voice in your head that tells you you’re doing it all wrong, and that you’re not good enough. You’re working on boundaries, trying to communicate effectively and desperately trying to connect with those around you while trying to be the best at everything – Are you juggling ALL. THE. TIME? Exhausted, have nothing left to give, and no time for you? Well, not anymore. I’m glad you found me.

"Even the strongest among us need someone on their team. Together, we've got this"

It’s time to change your worry into hope and fears into strength. You want to mean it when you smile and feel peace when you rest. You want to practice this thing they call self-care and create a balance in your life without the guilt. You want to have meaningful relationships and feel confident in who you are and the path you’re on. I can help.

With the ability to reach out anytime, access to secure portal with messaging options, and web based video sessions, you can finally find the time to make yourself a priority from the comfort of your home. I provide web based and self care therapy and coaching for individuals and couples who find themselves in a challenging time and are looking for a Bridge to healthyself.

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